‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 3: Leo Is Dead, Sonny & Will Dispose Of Their Problem, Stefan Follows Gabi [Recap]

Today’s July 3 episode of Days of Our Lives begins in the town square where Abby is waiting for Gabi to arrive with the toothbrush containing Stefan’s DNA.

In a previous episode of Days, Gabi entered the DiMera mansion to retrieve a sample of Stefan’s DNA. He caught her walking down the stairs and became suspicious. Stefan followed Gabi when she left. After the two women talk for a few moments, Stefan shows himself.

Gabi works for DiMera Enterprises and is on company time. Stefan wants to know what she is doing in the square with Abby when she is supposed to be at the office. Before Gabi can say anything, Abby reaches into her purse, where she placed the sample and pulls out one of Thomas’s toys. She claimed that she wanted to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation with Stefan so she asked Gabi to bring it to her.

Gabi leaves the square and Abby stays behind to talk to Stefan.

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